Serving at First

Serve Like Jesus Christ

We believe that spiritual growth occurs when people serve. We don’t ask how the church can serve us, but how can we serve the church. Jesus Christ is our example. He came to serve, so we should serve. It is our responsibility as the body of Christ to serve using our unique gifts and abilities. We do this so our church can glorify God in and through His people. Also, it’s a GREAT way to get connected!
La Vid
Is Spanish your native or heart language? If so, we invite you to worship and learn with La Vid, Grapevine. This church meets in 2...
Special Events
Do you like to help with special events, big or small? If so, this group is for you. Our staff and event planners will use...
Usher Team
Students (9th - 12th Grade) - Union Gospel Mission
FBCG Students and their parents help teach Bible study to children who live at Center of Hope. They also provide childcare for children age...
TWO-FIVE Saturdays
Throughout the year students will serve our community on different Saturdays. Helping our widows, building fences, raking leafs, supporting 5Ks, etc. Our goal is to...
Plus Generation Choir
We sing the great songs of the faith and serve our church by leading worship from time to time. Come worship and fellowship with us!
Wednesday Night Live Team
This team prepares and teaches our children on Wednesdays. Each adult is trained and background checked before beginning his or her placement.
Bread Delivery Team
The bread delivery team takes fresh bread and information to our first time guests. They deliver on Sundays after the service.
MIA Mentor Mom's
Mentor moms serve our young mothers with preschoolers at MIA. They lead table talk and mentor these amazing ladies.
Next Step Team
This team helps folks who make decisions on Sunday during the service. They help folks take their next step in their spiritual journey.
Hospitality Team
Join this fabulous team today if you have the gift of hospitality! We created enjoyable experiences for many events here at First.
Worship Handbells
Worship Handbells rehearse and play several times a year on special occasions.
Worship Orchestra
Our orchestra is growing and we need you to play a part! Each Sunday, the orchestra plays during the service.
First Impressions Team
Our First Impressions team creates environments where people feel welcome. From parking to guest services, and from greeters to our ushers, we want you to...
Pray Team
One of the most important ways you can serve the church is to pray. The power of intentional prayer can change our world for the...
Worship Choir
Our Worship Choir does more than perform. They lead worship on many Sundays at First. They love to sing praises to God and enjoy the...
Worship Care Volunteers
One of the most important ministries in our church is watching our preschoolers during the service.
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