Life Groups

Our Sunday morning Bible study groups exist to equip you as a believer and connect with others.

Married (60's) - Joyful Connection
Study the bible and grow together.
Married (60's) - Lott's Group
The Lott's Group loves to study the Bible and meet regularly outside the church for fellowship. This is a warm and welcoming Biblical Community that...
Married (60's) - Turner's Group
Study the bible and grow together.
Married (60's) - Milam's Group
Join Ken as he teaches from God's word each Sunday.
Men (60's) - Faith Riders
This Sunday morning Bible study group explores the Bible and applies it to your everyday life. If you like lots of discussion and strong Bible...
Ladies (80's) - The Nell Howard Class
Ladies class that meets on Sunday mornings to learn more about Jesus, fellowship, and serving Christ.
Men (80's) - The Clayton Biggers Class
This Life Group is solid as a rock. We have seasoned saints still serving and becoming more like Jesus.
Married (70's) - Joyful Followers
Sunday morning ongoing adult Bible Study
Ladies (80's) - Bible Learners
Sunday morning ongoing adult Bible Study
Married (70's) - Vande Zande's Group
This Sunday morning Life Group has great teaching and great fellowship. Let's learn how to be more like Jesus together.
Married (70's) - Forever Young
This large dynamic Life Group has lots of energy! They study, they minister, they pray, they fellowship and the list goes on. If you want...
Married (80's) - Thomas Swann's Group
This group still cares about learning the Bible, serving Christ, and praying for each other.
Extension Ministries
Those who are homebound or live in group care facilities.