Life Groups

Our Sunday morning Bible study groups exist to equip you as a believer and connect with others.

Adult (All Ages) - Roanoke/Trophy Club
The Vine Community is a family of believers passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ! In conjunction with Vision 2020, we are preparing to...
Family Ministry Events
theMIX (College and Career)
If you are in college or a young single starting your career, come check us out!
Married (20's) - Foundations
We are a group of young couples seeking to grow closer to each other by cultivating relationships that glorify God. We study His word...
Men (40's & 50's) - Golden's Group
Where are great leaders like David today? Uncompromisingly strong, yet self-controlled. Disciplined, yet forgiving. Audaciously courageous, yet kind. Heroic in the heat of battle, yet...
Singles (30's) - S. A. L. T.
Great fellowship and bible study with some great people! If you are a single in your thirties, reach out to us today!
Adults (30's) - Faith and Family
We are a Sunday School class that meets every Sunday at 9:15am. We not only meet on Sundays but we do life together. ...
Married (30's) - Home Improvement
Sunday morning ongoing adult Bible Study
Singles (40's) - Three Strands
We are a group of singles (and some married) who are interested supporting one another as we reach out to our community at large. ...
Married (40's) - Family Matters
Families matter! Our gospel-centered LifeGroup, primarily comprised of families raising children toddlers to teen, is devoted to glorifying God through the vitality of the family....
Ladies (40's) - Soul Sisters
Sunday morning ongoing adult Bible Study.
Ladies (50's) - Spirit Class
Growing closer to God one verse at a time.
Married (50's) - Anchor Holds
This group is committed to in-depth biblical and doctrinal (theological) discussion, as well as prayer and fellowship. Although this group is categorized as the...
Married (50's) - Friends & Followers
Adults who meet on Sunday morning for Bible Study, fellowship, and fun! Come join a group of friends who encourage one another to follow Jesus!
Adults (All Ages) - Korean Group
Sunday morning ongoing adult Bible Study
Adults (All Ages) - 4:23
This Sunday morning Life Group is designed for individuals who serve in the Worship Ministry and other key areas. This group starts at 9:30am and...
Married (All Ages) - Blended Hearts
Our members are couples of all ages who are in blended (or blending) families. We share our unique experiences to help others build Godly blended...
Married (All Ages) - Connect Class
Connect with God and with each other. We also love to sing a hymn or two in class!
Adults (All Ages) - International Friends
Sunday morning ESL adult Bible Study