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Worship at First

Our goal is to lead our church into an encounter with Jesus through worship and our hope is that you will cling to the promises of the songs we sing as you go through your week. Join us this Sunday for worship at 10:30am.

The Message of Hope

Music opens the heart. God’s word changes hearts, not the music. Worship is essential to the life of the believer.  Worship shifts our focus from our problems to the problem solver, Jesus.  We use whatever means necessary to convey the message of the Gospel through Biblically and doctrinally sound music every week.


We have many elements that make up a worship service at First. We like to say we have many tools in the worship "toolbox." We have choirs, an orchestra, an awesome rhythm section, soloists, praise teams, video, hymns, praise songs, and the list goes on. Our style is to use many methods to communicate a message that never changes. The Good News of the Gospel.

We don't think in terms of modern, contemporary, or traditional. We think in terms of making a vertical connection with the Creator as we glorify and give praise to God.

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