Church Planting

Gospel-centered Multiplication

Downtown Calgary, Alberta

In partnership with 8 other churches in the United States and Canada, we are supporting a team of young people who are living their lives on mission in a section of downtown Calgary called East Village. Their vision is to establish a network of multiplying kingdom churches all over the downtown core. East Village is in major transition from being a forgotten part of the city to being the center of commerce and culture for the whole city. Our team will be some of the very first new residents in East Village. They will simply live life and build community with each other inviting others along the way. Their mission is to multiply disciples, multiply leaders, multiply groups, and trust God to make decisions about “a church” along the way.

We will be sending teams there throughout the year as well to simply serve people. Our objective is to put trust in the bank account of our full time team so that their message of the gospel will fall on open hearts.

Euless, Texas – Well of Refuge Gospel Church

We are partnering with our state convention to support this brand new church. Kenneth Johnson is their pastor and they are currently meeting in a 6 Stones community center which is located right in the middle of large apartment complex called Westdale Hills with over 2000 apartment units. They are focused on serving the needs of the people in the community around them inviting them to connect with their church. FBCG is committed to helping every step of the way. We invite our church members to be missionaries just a few miles south of us. As you might imagine, a brand new church needs a lot of help to get started. We want to mobilize our people on a regular basis to serve a long side their members but also to help with outreach events or service projects.

Quito, Ecuador

We are establishing a partnership with Iglesia Buen Pastor (Good Shepherd Church) in Quito for the purpose of planting new churches in the area together. Our first project together will be in Las Marias, a small community in a suburb of Quito called Tumbaco. Our church has been sending teams to Las Marias for the past 5 summers, leading Bible clubs for kids, ministering to the ladies, and just serving the people in a variety of ways. God has blessed this ministry and it has certainly helped many of our people discover their own missionary identity as they have served sacrificially there. Now, with our new friends at Iglesia Buen Pastor, we are taking some key steps toward establishing a community of faith in this neighborhood. So far, we have sent one large team each summer. We hope to send teams at least 2 or 3 times throughout the year. Additionally, we are exploring the possibility of establishing a “mission outpost” there. This would be a home that we rent or buy and would be open for FBCG teams, groups, or families year round to spend some time on mission in a cross-cultural setting while engaging with the work in Las Marias. This mission outpost is only partially about helping with the work there. Its primary purpose is to provide an environment for our people to learn missionary skills and apply them wherever they find themselves.

Washington DC – Waterfront Church

Waterfront Church began in the Fall of 2014 in the shadow of our nation’s capital building. Waterfront is a community that is changing. Crime is on the decline, property values are on the rise, and unfortunately, churches are selling property and closing their doors all too often in the district. Currently, Waterfront Church is one of two evangelical churches in a community of over 90,000 and growing. As of May 2016, Waterfront Church is averaging over 150 people in worship on Sunday morning and they have 15 discipleship groups that happen during the week. Best of all, 23 people have been baptized! To this point, the church has been renting space in a Courtyard Marriot. However, they have recently taken possession of a 2100 square foot space for lease which they have access to 24/7. As our pastor likes to say, “We are getting in on this at halftime.” We want to support Zack and the people of Waterfront Church to keep doing what they are doing. We are in close communication with Zack and he knows that we stand ready to help.

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